How to create kick-ass content

  • 2 October 2019, 8:00 pm
  • 2 October 2019, 10:00 pm

Do you wanna get ahead of the game in the world of content creation (and get those social media likes / followers / subscriptions on fire) but have no clue how? Join Ernest Ng, king of content creation and local webcomic genius behind popular series “Bro, Don’t Like That La Bro”, in this idea-brimming workshop to learn the tricks of the content creation trade. Hone the art of idea generation, discover his unique methodology and develop a content creation process that works for you.

Knowledge and skills covered:

  1. Understanding content creation and idea generation
  2. Discover the processes behind content creation and idea generation
  3. Learning good habits and how to use content creation and ideation tools


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