Carolyn Lau


Carolyn Lau, proudly Malaysian is a landscape architect interested in making practical things with her hands, exploring the potentials of domestic trash and discarded material, upcycling using traditional crafting techniques in order to delay the material being recycled or meet its inevitable end in landfills.

Decades of zero-waste crafting grew her environmental awareness leading her to form Sampah,Menyampah, a citizens action initiative advocating for a cleaner litter/SUDP free Malaysia via campaigns such as Tak Nak Straw and Tak Nak Plastik, and co-organising events such as Sampah,Menyampah and Friends’ EARTH Weekend, the most recent of which highlighted the problems of fast fashion.

Sessions by Carolyn Lau

  • 6 October 2019
    2:30 pm 3:30 pm
How would you define ethical fashion? In a time of hyper-consumption and fast fashion that has many of us in an accelerated loop of buy and discard, how can we slow things down to look at the spectrum of sustainability when it comes to what we wear? Join four […]