Isana Kashiwai


Isana Kashiwai is an editor, writer and programmer from Tokyo. Previously a science book editor in a publishing company for 15 years, he is currently working as an editor, writer and programmer at a web designing company. His interest and passion in web applications and astronomy led him to develop a myriad of web applications related to space exploration and astronomy and studying orbital mechanics and astronomical calculations through self learning. In 2008, he was invited to the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery at NASA. In 2011, his app called GoogleSatTrack was used during the last flight of the Space Shuttle Program. His apps have since been used at NASA, JAXA and ESA (DLR/CNES) to name a few.

Sessions by Isana Kashiwai

  • 6 October 2019
    2:00 pm 3:00 pm
Why don’t we think about somewhere or something far away far from here… say a faraway country, stars and planets, deep blue ocean and high mountains, something very big and small, the past and the future. Stop checking your friends’ updates on your cell-phone, forget about worrying over what […]
  • 5 October 2019
    5:00 pm 6:00 pm
An amateur space-researcher developed an app to track satellites in the sky. The same app was then used by NASA for their launch missions. All over the world, individuals are developing solutions as a hobby with far greater impact then they imagined. In this session, astronomy enthusiast Isana Kashiwai […]