Juana Jaafar


Juana Jaafar works in the field of Communications. Over the years, she has contributed to designing strategies and producing content for various local and international human rights organisations. She is a keen observer of online behaviour and has conducted research on online gender-based violence for a Malaysian women’s human rights organisation titled ‘Voice, Visibility & A Variety Of Viciousness’. Juana is also a co-author of ‘Revolusis: Pencetusan’, a Malay language graphic novel for teens about self-determination, power and diversity.

Sessions by Juana Jaafar

  • 4 October 2019
    11:45 am 12:45 pm
Should journalism be objective? What are the ethical responsibilities when advocating for a cause through journalism? How can unrepresented communities use media for advocacy? This panel brings together practitioners from journalism, film and communications to discuss the issue of advocacy through media.   […]