Rozana Isa joined the Malaysian women’s rights movement in 1999 working to address violence against women. This exposed her to challenges women face to have their rights recognised and exercised in a context of Islamisation within a democratic nation with parallel legal systems, where gender, ethnic and religious diversities are acknowledged and sometimes celebrated in society, yet used to divide at different levels of policies and laws. The politicisation of issues related to ethnicity and religion continues to be a challenge, sowing intolerance within and between Malaysians when we should be more accepting of both our different and common grounds. Rozana currently serves as the Executive Director for Sisters in Islam, an NGO working on women’s rights within the framework of Islam.

Sessions by Rozana Isa

  • 6 October 2019
    11:45 am 12:45 pm
“Why don’t you wear the headscarf? Don’t you know that our God has decreed as such?” “Have you asked for permission from your husband to go out for lunch with your friends? You can’t do anything without his consent.” “Don’t bother fighting with your ex husband. Men will always […]